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MAPLEWOOD, Mo. – A mother is on a mission after she lost eight of her family members who live in Albany, Georgia. They all died from complications related to COVID-19. She wants to show that kindness still does exist.

Shana Jones decided to set up a table outside her home with items from canned goods, bag lunches, toiletries, and cleaning products like Lysol. They are all free to anyone who drives by.

“People can grab and go. I’m not out here standing by the table so people can come by.
This is a very busy street. We have people from the south side, north side, and east side,” said Jones.

Jones says eight of her family members have died in Albany Georgia over the last few weeks due to COVID-19. It leaves her heartbroken knowing she can not attend their funerals.

“Born and raised in Georgia. I have family members who have died. It’s hard, I can not go down there to see my family so right now. I’m doing this to take it off my mind,” said Jones.

Jones says it also hard during these challenging times because she has various health conditions.

“I have lupus, high blood pressure, and diabetes. I can not go out because I’m high risk. I still wanted to help my community be involved,” said Jones.

Dozens of Maplewood residents make donations daily adding to the table while others may grab a few items. Kids in the community and their parents love the grab bags filled with sandwiches, fruit snacks and other goodies to eat.