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CREVE COEUR, Mo. – A New York woman traveling the country to collect stories and of acts of human kindness stopped in St. Louis and was on the receiving end of some good news of her own.

A local dealership gave her new tires and fixed her car – a win-win situation.

“I decided to pack up my car, put my boots on the ground, and go find the stories. So I have been out here for two years,” said Mary Latham.

Latham’s mission began after her mother died of cancer. She took her mom’s old Subaru and started this long but fruitful journey.

“She kind of always reminded me no matter what tragedies are going on in the world around us or in our lives, there would always be more good out there; just look for it,” she said.

Latham said she stays with a host and then goes and finds the stories. When she arrived in Missouri, she got a flat tire. She was told she needed new tires. Her host contacted Lou Fusz Subaru in Creve Couer to see if they could help out.

“We’re putting new tires on her car, oil change and inspection, and whatever else it needs to make sure she is ready for the next year,” said John Molloy, sales manager at Lou Fusz Subaru.

To date, Latham has traveled through 34 states and traveled approximately 29,800 miles. And after her St. Louis trip, she’s now slept in 115 homes!

“I’m out here alone doing it. Watching people who don’t know me open their homes to me, help me and support this mission means so much because I’m not sponsored,” she said. “I’ve been out here two years and a month and getting kindness from strangers.”

Every now and then Latham will fly back to New York where she works as a professional wedding photographer and then fly back to her mission.

“I’m in the car sometimes and I won’t turn the radio on for an hour because I’m processing all their stories,” she said. “There are so many inspiring people out there.”

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