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A rehab team with the World Bird Sanctuary rescued an injured bald eagle Monday that had been trapped in a flooded area in Portage Des Sioux.

According to a post on the sanctuary’s Facebook page, a passerby named Zac Beck spotted the bald eagle while on his boat and noticed the giant bird couldn’t seem to fly.

Beck notified the World Bird Sanctuary and then used his boat to ferry the rehab team to a clump of trees where the eagle was perched.

The rescuers immediately noticed the eagle was dehydrated, emaciated, and covered in old puncture wounds. The bird was safely recovered and taken to the sanctuary.

The medical staff at the World Bird Sanctuary believe the injured bald eagle lost a fight with another eagle and those injuries kept him from flying.

The sanctuary said most of the eagle’s puncture wounds have already healed and the staff is working to get him properly hydrated and fed.