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ST. LOUIS – The Delmar Loop Trolley may be on life support and is in danger of shutting down in weeks.

It’s asking St. Louis County taxpayers for another $700,000 to stay afloat. But members of the county council have signaled thumbs down on this deal and are willing to take the risk of the project going belly up.

Councilman Mark Harder called it a ridiculous request.

But Trolley backer Joe Edwards said they can make the Trolley Project work with this short-term fix. Without that money, he warns the trolley may have to be shut down.

St. Louis County Executive Sam Page wrote a letter to the county council, saying it would be a disappointment if such a big project failed and it might send a wrong message to the federal government.

But Page said at the end of his letter he wouldn’t recommend the county forking over money unless the city did the same, and the city has already said no way.

One of Page’s legislative assistants said the county executive is not recommending approval one way or the other.

Fox 2 asked Joe Edwards why couldn’t he get private money to fill the void. Edwards said that just wasn’t possible.