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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – The Pattonville School District denied admission to a 5-year-old, whose family is desperately trying to enroll.

Since October, the 5-year-old has been out of school for four months. The child’s mother and grandmother were beyond frustrated after the school district said no to letting the child in.

“She’s missing her education; she’s missing meeting new friends. She’s missing things,” said Orlanda Jackson, the 5-year-old’s grandmother. “I’m giving her the best I can, but I’m not a certified schoolteacher. I’m a certified grandmother.”

The family’s troubles started when they had to move from a condemned apartment building in north St. Louis County. The grandmother moved to a motel in the Pattonville School District. The child’s mother is homeless, but she is staying with friends until she gets on her feet.

The mother gave the grandmother written permission to enroll her daughter in Pattonville, but the district refused, saying the grandmother did not have full custody. Then the mother and grandmother went up to the school together, but there was still no luck.

Jackson said the Pattonville School District should enroll her granddaughter.

“She’s a 5-year-old, very intelligent young lady,” she said. “I don’t think any kid should be denied their education, she’s being denied that.”

Jackson reached out to FOX 2 for help. We were able to bring the case to Pattonville School District’s higher officials. After that, they reached out to the family.

A spokesperson from the Pattonville School District said the following via email:

“Our enrollment department had several conversations with the family last week. We have provided them with the necessary paperwork and are waiting for them to submit that paperwork.”

“Once we get these papers into here tomorrow, my baby will attend school Monday,” Jackson said. “I am wonderful, glad, I’m happy my baby is happy. Just appreciate all the help that you gave me because if it wasn’t for you, it wouldn’t have happened.”

She said her granddaughter is overjoyed too.