ST. LOUIS – St. Louis Board of Aldermen President Lewis Reed is taking aim at Mayor Tishaura Jones over a new measure to provide more funding for north city improvements.

The money is coming from the American Rescue Plan Act.

St. Louis earmarked $37 million for north St. Louis businesses, employment, and other needs. The measure passed the Board of Aldermen and now goes to Mayor Jones’ desk.

But Reed said the mayor tried to stall the measure; first, saying it wouldn’t pass muster with the federal government. Then he said she wanted a permanent homeless tent city but none of the aldermen would go along with it.

It’s all part of a $500 million in stimulus funds sent to the City of St Louis. Reed said he wants a large chunk of money earmarked for north city. He contends the mayor has been sending it elsewhere. He said the board had to fight to get the measure approved. At the moment, Reed claims to have a veto-proof majority.

A spokesman for Mayor Jones said she’s been working with Comptroller Darlene Green and Alderwoman Sharon Tyus to craft a better bill to help north St. Louis. The spokesman declined to say whether the mayor would sign the bill passed by the board.