Alderwoman falsely accused of stalling $63 million COVID bill ‘disappointed’ by allegations

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ST. LOUIS – St. Louis Alderwoman Sharon Tyus speaks with FOX 2 on camera for the first time since July 2020 when she was false accused of stalling a coronavirus bill.

Two city officials, Aldermanic Floor Leader Jeffrey Boyd and Board President Lewis Reed, said Tyus was to blame for it taking so long to pass the $63 million CARES Act bill to help citizens cope with the pandemic. But after this first report, our You Paid For It team did some digging and discovered that Tyus wasn’t to blame for the delay after all.

We found out that there had been a mistake made in the bill that had nothing to do with Tyus and the measure had to be sent back for a correction.

Tyus said she’s disappointed at the allegations by Boyd and Reed. When confronted with these new developments, Alderman Boyd began to backtrack, saying Alderman Joe Vaccaro told him Tyus was responsible for the holdup.

We reached out to Vaccaro, who sits on the Aldermanic Rules Committee. He said Tyus was in no way to blame for any delay.

The COVID bill was ultimately passed; it just took a while. In fact, Tyus was quite active in getting the bill passed.

“That’s all the more disappointing when you’re trying to work for your community and people put misinformation out,” she said. “No, it’s not misinformation; That was a lie.”

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