ST. LOUIS – A St. Louis alderwoman responds to Monday night’s You Paid For It concerning speeders on Gustine Avenue in south city.

Resident Alex Arndt called Elliott Davis to complain about all the vehicles racing down Gustine, putting the lives of citizens at risk.

Alex said he had complained to city hall time and again, but to no avail. He called his alderwoman but never heard back.

Alderwoman Daniela Velazquez said in a statement, “Our office regularly hears concerns from our constituents regarding traffic calming and speed humps. We will work with Mr. Arndt regarding his ongoing request, one that began with former Alderwoman (now President) Megan Green for the 3700 block of Gustine in late May 2022.”

We observed speeding vehicles while we were on Gustine. The posted speed limit for the area is 25 miles per hour, but some of the vehicles appeared to be traveling well above that limit.

Alex Arndt said it’s dangerous just to get to his vehicle.

“We’ve got only on-street parking here, no garages. People are speeding feet away from people, inches away. Semis, too; it doesn’t matter what it is.”

Alderwoman Velazquez’s statement said that stretch of Gustine is on a list to get more speed humps.

“For FY2024, we have already approved 14% of ward capital budget (more than $116,000) for additional speed humps across the 6th Ward, including speed humps near the 3700 block of Gustine,” she said. “Among those on the fall installation list, near 3700 Gustine, are speed humps on the 3300 block of Gustine, the 3500 block of Gustine, the 3600 block of Potomac, and the 3700 block of Potomac.”