Bi-State commissioners turn down CEO's plan to manage the Loop Trolley

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ST. LOUIS – In a huge blow to Delmar Loop Trolley, commissioners on the Bi-State Development Agency turned down a proposal by the group’s president to rescue the failing trolley.

Not a single commissioner spoke in favor of the proposal from president CEO Taulby Roach to manage the trolley for four years at a cost of $1.8 million per year.

A motion was introduced on the committee to pass the proposal onto the full board. It didn't even get a second and so died in the committee.

Roach said he has no new plan for Bi-State to save the trolley. When asked what he thought would happen to the trolley, Roach said he didn't know.

A similar answer from John Meyer, the head of the Loop Trolley Board of Directors. He said he was disappointed at the outcome and that he wasn't optimistic about the trolley’s future.

The Delmar Loop Trolley cost taxpayers $51 million but just traveled about 2.2 miles. It couldn't attract enough passengers and ran out of money and was forced to shut down after a little over a year in operation.

One person not disappointed by the trolley’s apparent doom? Bi-State Commissioner Justin Zimmerman of Madison County. He said the board heard the voice of the taxpayers, as well as official on the St. Louis County Council, who opposed pouring more public dollars into the trolley.

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