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ST. LOUIS – Bi-State Development President and CEO Taulby Roach says Metro is taking new security steps in the wake of the shooting of one of its bus drivers.

Bi-State runs the Metro buses and trains.

Roach says workers are stunned and scared after the shooting Friday night.

Among the measures Roach says, Bi-State will reshuffle some security to buses and will authorize more overtime to get additional people out on the bus routes.

Bi-State will have dispatchers check on drivers more often and will try to get its outside security company to provide more help.

They also try to get more help from law enforcement.

Roach says in all the new security steps will cost about $1.5 million.

Bi-State is desperately trying to convince the public that the buses and trains are safe to ride.

The agency lost an estimated 40% of its ridership because of restrictions imposed during the pandemic.

The agency admits it’s a struggle trying to win them back because many riders are convinced that it’s unsafe for them on Metro buses and trains because of violence.