Bi-State President supports rescuing the Loop Trolley project

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. — The You Paid For It Team interviewed Bi-State President and CEO Taulby Roach this week to see if he's still pushing an attempt to bail out the failed Delmar Loop Trolley.  The Trolley stopped operations in December after running out of money. It just couldn't attract enough riders.
Roach said he is just collecting the information on the trolley deal for the Bi-State Commissioners who will have to decide whether Bi-State will rescue the Trolley. He admits that he is still supporting the rescue plan.
Roach insisted that the St Louis area risked losing federal dollars if the loop trolley failed. He admitted that he didn't have the facts to back that up, but said it was his professional opinion.
Bi-State has run into a torrent of criticism over this possible trolley deal. It is not a popular idea with many taxpayers.
The Bi-State Commission itself was split.  Members of the St. Louis County Council were vocal in their opposition to Bi-State taking over the Trolley.   Taulby Roach would only say he respect the views of commissioners.
Bi-State Commissioners will take up the Trolley issue at a meeting on January 24.

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