Confronting high municipal fees for village vehicle stickers

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - You Paid For It investigated a questionable fee some municipalities are charging residents that can be a big hardship.

Residents are required to buy vehicle stickers to put on their vehicles.

The stickers are around $7 that you buy to show that you live in the village. But if you miss the date to get a sticker big fines set in. If you don't have one, police can also give you a citation that can drive up the cost to hundreds of dollars.

I confront the officials behind this deal and I talked to residents about why they say this fee is unfair.

One area we looked at was the Village of Hanley Hills that bring in thousands of dollars to the municipality on the backs of its own residents..

Hanley Hills is not the only community collecting this fee.

In most areas of St. Louis you're not required to have one, but some villages are hang on to this municipal money grab.

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