Councilman Trakas wants to retain Chief Belmar for now

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CLAYTON, MO - Fox 2's Elliott Davis sits down with the head of the St. Louis County Council to talk over the issue of Police Chief Jon Belmar.

Belmar has been under pressure since the $20 million-dollar judgment against the police department by a gay police sergeant who says he was discriminated against in applying for a promotion.

Councilman Ernie Trakas says Chief Belmar should not step down right now. He apparently doesn't want an abrupt disruption on the police board.

The County Executive Sam Page is moving to replace the members of the police board in the wake of the multimillion-dollar judgment.

When asked if the new board should retain Chief Belmar, Trakas says that decision will be up to the newly constituted police board to decide.

Trakas says changes will need to be made at the police department in the wake of some of the issues that surfaced during the trail. He wants more done to address any discrimination or other issues that came out.

The Council confirms the Police Board nominees submitted by Sam Page. As for paying the $20 million-dollar judgment, Trakas says St. Louis County is self-insured and has options for handling what that doesn't cover.

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