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LINCOLN COUNTY, Mo. – The You Paid For It Team headed to Troy Missouri to talk to Lincoln County officials about their plans to bring to the spike in COVID 19 cases.

Right now, the positivity rate stands at 10.1 which is high.

Elliott Davis went to Troy to question the top elected Lincoln County officials

They are still mulling over the options but say it will not include a mask mandate.

Elliott Talked to the Presiding Commissioner who said a mandate would be impossible to enforce.

You can even come into the Government Center with no mask.

But while Lincoln County is not requiring masks some other government entities in the County are requiring them.

For one you must wear a mask to go into the Circuit Court building.

Also, the schools require students and staff to wear masks.

But even with that, the County Government officials say they do not see the need for a mask mandate just yet. They believe convincing people to follow the recommendations will work just fine in bringing down the high number of COVID cases.