ST. LOUIS – Daniel Riley, the suspect who collided with a vehicle that struck a 17-year-old volleyball player in a horrific crash, was free on bond at the time of the incident, when many believe he should have been behind bars.

Total Court Services monitors the GPS tracking of people on house arrest. The company has a $459,849 contract with the court to do the job. As part of it, they are to notify officials when there’s a violator.

However, Joel Currier, a spokesperson for the 22nd Judicial Circuit Court, said in the following statement:

“Every time a violation was filed the assigned prosecutor and defense attorney of record received a notification via email according to normal procedure. However, the prosecutors to this day has never filed a motion to revoke Riley’s bond in response to any of the 51 violations filed in his pending robbery case.”

FOX 2 reached out to St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s office for a comment, but her chief trial Assistant Circuit Attorney Marvin Teer Jr. responded.

“I can tell you honestly that our office did everything we were supposed to do to bring this particular individual to the court’s attention,” Teer said. “At least on three occasions, our attorneys asked for his bond to be revoked. It’s the court that decided to put him on supervised release through their pretrial release program.”

The court record appears to indicate four instances where judges could have revoked GPS tracking. FOX 2 asked the courts for more information, but they have yet to respond to us.

“I guess we can always wonder why the quarterback threw a long pass or run an end out,” Teer said. “Being a Monday morning quarterback about a terrible tragedy, I can’t predict what people are going to do, but I can tell you that this office and that lawyer did exactly what she was supposed to do.”

He said he does not think Gardner will step down from office.