SWANSEA, Ill. – A developer opted to pull his application to build 274 rental homes in Swansea, Illinois, after running into a storm of opposition from some residents.

Citizens feared it would add to traffic congestion and overcrowd the school district. You Paid For It first spotlighted the citizen opposition last month.

“I don’t really think the city dropped it. I think the developer withdrew their petition and I think they withdrew their petition because more and more people in Swansea were speaking up that this would not be a good idea for the community,” Janet Kaemmerer said.

“Is this the way to grow the community? I think the developer thought they we’ve got a lot of people now that are speaking out, we can’t just expeditiously push this through the community.”

Under the plan, Swansea would have annexed the 47 acres of farmland that’s in unincorporated St Clair County. It would then have been rezoned to allow the construction of the homes.

Residents feared a host of trouble would come with this deal.

“My concern is that the process was going way to fast that we needed to slow down and do more research and see how it was going to affect Swansea: the neighbors, the traffic, and the schools,” resident Vannessa Crowder said.

FOX 2 contacted Swansea City Hall and received this statement from Mayor Michael Leopold:

“While there were undoubtedly some significant benefits this project would have brought to the village, the application was ultimately withdrawn. As promised, resident concerns were heard and thoroughly vetted by the village board of trustees, and they certainly played a role in the outcome.”

Half the Planning and Zoning Board voted no as did half of a special trustee committee.
In the end, the measure got the needed okay, but the developer decided he’d had enough.