Do Metro busses and trains need police? It could be expensive

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – County Executive Steve Stenger tells FOX 2 that he’s not sure St. Louis needs it’s own transit police force. Metro says that riders would be safer if they their own officers.  Stenger maintains that this would be very expensive.

Steve Stenger says that there is a better, more cost effective, solution. He says St. Louis County Police should get the millions that Metro currently spends on private security guards, who have no arrest powers.

Metrolink beating victim Mark Paffrath has heard a lot of ideas from officials. He’s waiting to see action. Paffrath was beaten and robbed on a train by a gang of young men in December.

Paffrath says he’s moving out of his current apartment. He says robbers know where he lives after stealing his identification. The attackers still haven’t been caught. He believes Metro needs armed security to protect passengers. He says he’s not going to ride the trains anymore because he just doesn’t feel safe.

Metro CEO John Nations says Metro would be better off with it’s own transit police. He says he’s willing to sit down and talk to Stenger and other leaders about their concerns.

Stenger also says Metro should put in turnstiles as a way to enhance security. He says that would cost the transit agency about $13 million dollars.

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