EUREKA, Mo. – A Eureka homeowner says the city messes up the apron of her driveway.

There was a city street project where the City of Eureka paved the street and the aprons of the driveways on the street, except Tina Driver’s. So at her house, half the apron was new, and the other half was old. A large crack formed where the two sides met, and water seeped in.

Driver said she did all she could to get city hall to fix the problem it created.

“Two-thirds of my driveway has the new apron, and the other third does not, so it’s still raised up and cracking,” she said. “I’m kind of aggravated that they are not returning my phone calls at the street department. I’ve left three messages. I haven’t gotten any emails back. I think it’s pretty rude because we do pay our taxes, and at least they could respond.”

FOX 2 contacted Mayor Sean Flower, who promised to immediately look into this deal, and he did.

“I think we had some work that was done a long time ago by the city that wasn’t quite done correctly,” Flower said.

Sure enough, he quickly dispatched crews to fix the problem.

“Once we figured out that the work wasn’t done properly, quick meeting, and then we did the work properly afterward and got it fixed,” Flower said.

Driver said she was happy about the changes.

“I think it’s much better. I’m glad they came out and did what they said they were going to do,” she said. “They didn’t get going at all. I had no response until you were involved.”