Family living near the Jennings-St. Louis City border contends with obtrusive concrete barriers

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ST. LOUIS – It’s a nightmare for a St. Louis City family after a neighboring city in St. Louis County installs concrete barriers to cut down on crime and speeding.

They live right on the border with the City of Jennings. Right after Jennings put up the barriers, St. Louis City garbage trucks stopped picking up the family’s trash. They had to lug the garbage containers down the block and put them in front of a neighbor’s home in order to have their trash picked up.

The family made call after call to city hall with no action.

Besides the problem with not getting the trash pickups, there is issue of motorists cutting across their lawn to get on the other side of the barriers. The homeowner says it’s resulted in expensive damages to their front yard.

FOX 2 reached out to Jennings Mayor Yolanda Austin. The mayor never returned our call but she did reach out to the family after we got involved.

Jennings moved back its concrete barriers back by nearly 10 feet so that the family could at least now get the trash picked up.

However, Jennings is refusing to remove the barriers altogether, saying they believe it will make their city safer even though families like the Becks are paying the price.

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