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UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. – Homeowners slammed by recent flooding are pleading for a promised buyout from the government. They called “You Paid For It” for help.

Elliott Davis talked to one family whose house was condemned after the Tuesday flooding. They told Elliott one side of the street was bought out in 2011. The homes were demolished. On the other side of the street, homeowners were left high and dry with no buyout.

The Anderson family says their house was on the list for buyouts. They watched as other  homes were bought and demolished, but not theirs.

“There was $650,000 awarded from MSD to do the research. What they came back with  was all of these homes need to be bought out because there was no fix. They bought out the second half of the street and stopped when they got to our houses,” said homeowner Eric Anderson.

Others residents on Wilson street feel the same.

”There were houses right across the street when I first purchased the house University City. The Army Corps of Engineers needs to purchase all of our houses and be done with it and call it one big park,” said Liam Brick.

“I’m not aware of a commitment that’s been made by the city to buy out property.  I think there was a program that existed some time ago. That ran out of money but all of that predates me,” said University City’s City Manager Gregory Rose. “There are no programs at this time for a buy-out for residents along Wilson nor is there a program for buyouts for any resident along the river Des Peres. We think that the right approach is to do a program that would provide some assistance to all of those residents”