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ST. LOUIS – In a Fox 2 News Exclusive, Investigator Elliott Davis sits down with an St. Louis Alderman arrested and jailed because of unpaid traffic tickets.

Several warrants were issued against Alderman John Collins Muhammad for tickets in the City of St. Louis and Jefferson City.

The alderman was arrested Monday after rear-ending another motorist. It was discovered that he had outstanding warrants. He was placed under arrest and taken to the St. Louis Justice Center where he was put in a cell. He was released Tuesday afternoon.

His traffic ticket troubles date back to 2015 and include driving with a suspended license.

Muhammad was supposed to appear in court to take care of the legal issues but never did.

Tonight, he told Fox 2’s Elliott Davis that he made a mistake that he regrets. He says he was so busy taking care of the business of the ward that he neglected to take care of his own.

But when asked point blank why he didn’t pay the tickets he answered that he just didn’t have the money.

Elliott asked him why he didn’t take advantage of the city’s amnesty program for people with tickets. He said it was something he should have considered.

Muhammad had to post a $5,000 bond to get out of jail. The money was put up by an activist group that helps people in situations like this.