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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — Kaneesha Miner was anxious to start her new events business, but now a high-tech St. Louis County law is getting in the way.

The new county law is forcing her to set up an electric vehicle charging station even though she’s just renting the space for her business. Kaneesha said that could cost her $25,000 money she doesn’t have.

The law was passed a year ago by sponsor Kelli Dunaway. People like Miner called it unfair and said it needs to change.

Councilman Mark Harder agrees. He’s introducing new legislation to try to repeal the EV Law. He voted against it. He calls it an unreasonable burden on small businesses.

Miner’s opening has been on hold since February, but tonight there may be a change coming.

FOX 2’s Elliott Davis caught up will Kellie Dunaway. She said she’s ready to change her law and create exceptions for people like Miner and others in the same boat that she is.

Dunaway is making a lot of changes to the law. When asked if she thinks it’s a bad law, Dunaway said: “Gosh, no I think it’s a great law. It just has some flaws that I’m trying to fix tonight.”

“I mean I tried to get people involved in government affairs,” she added. “People were reaching out to me way after the bill passed, and I was like where were you a year ago, six months ago. I don’t think it was a mistake, but I think the original bill might have been a mistake. But I’m trying to fix that.”

Dunaway said the new version of the law should be passed and put into effect by mid-April.  People like Miner have a bit longer to put their livelihood on hold, but at least there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel.