ST. CHARLES, Mo. – Homeowners in a St. Charles subdivision are crossing their fingers and hoping the county government lives up to its promise of a buyout. At least two homeowners are fearful of their houses sliding down the hill.

St. Charles County Executive Steve Ehlmann had promised there would be buyouts for homes in danger of sliding down the hill, but homeowners said they’re not getting much reassurance, even as their retaining walls are sinking.

“Yeah, I’ve asked but I haven’t heard anything. No specific answers about when I asked should we be talking about a buyout. I mean, is my house in jeopardy of being demolished like my neighborhoods was?” Tara Rath said.

The county executive would not go on camera to address residents’ concerns. His office told FOX 2, “The county has provided you with all the information we have.”

But back in February, Ehlmann said the county would make buyouts available to those homes that are perched on the hill.

“That’s been our intention for at least the last 6 months now. We have made a decision and the council has supported that, to go ahead and use some of this federal money that’s available to do this buyout,” he said.

Right now, residents in the Heritage subdivision can only wait and hope, as they watch more and more damage to their property from the soil erosion.

One home already had to be demolished because the erosion caused so much damage. Another house was vacated because of the damage.

This past week, St. Charles County work crews were dispatched to replace a storm sewer pipe in the subdivision. Workers had trouble with the storm sewer system and couldn’t fix the pipes until the home next to it was demolished.