Florissant working to improve city, become more inclusive

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FLORISSANT, Mo. — Many North County communities are struggling with everything from commerce to high crime, but the City of Florissant seems to have dodged the fate of so many others.

FOX 2’s Elliott Davis hit the streets with Mayor Timothy Lowery to discover some of the reasons why.

Florissant has a population of 52,533 people making it the 13th largest city in Missouri and the largest municipality in St Louis County.

Unlike some of its North County neighbors that have lost a lot of their population, Florissant has actually gained people. Lowery says some of the factors for Florissant have been the quality of its police force of 90 officers, and its enforcement of municipal housing codes.

There are 1,009 commercial businesses in Florissant and 152 in residential areas. Lowery credits the strong attachment many residents have to the city. He also said the government focuses on even the little issues.

One issue they didn’t expect blew up in June of last year. Protestors camped out in front of the Florissant Police Department after an officer hit a suspect with his police SUV. The unrest lasted for nearly three weeks. The officer was fired, but the unrest lingered.

Lowery said that officials learned a lot from the experience, and they are working to make the city even more inclusive.

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