Illinois family describes difficult recovery after student hit by a stray bullet in home

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ALTON, Ill. – Painful memories for an Alton mother when her daughter was hit by a stray bullet. The family is now talking about the long road to recovery.

Shawntaya Wagner’s daughter was studying in her home on April 8, 2020. She was a journalism student at the University of Missouri in Columbia. A stray bullet fired from outside changed her life forever.

Jasmine Johnson’s mom calls it a miracle because of how far her daughter has come since the shooting. Two men were involved in a shooting outside her home. One of the bullets struck Jasmine in the head. She spent 3 months in the hospital and came home last June.

“The left side of my body is completely numb. There’s not much function on that side of my body and I’m blind in my right eye, completely blind in my right, and partially blind in my left,” said Johnson. I’m just, I’m still angry but not as angry as I was in the beginning.”

“I was not allowed in the hospital the entire time. She was there and I couldn’t be there because of COVID,” said mother Shawntaya Wagner. “I couldn’t be by her side. As a mother that was one of the hardest things to ever go through because I felt that she was alone.”

Now Jasmine says though she can get around with some help. She spent three months in the hospital recovering and was still able to get her diploma.

Jasmine says she is unsure of the future. Her mom says she’s grateful her daughter is alive and that the shooter is behind bars. 

The family still wonders what might have been. A future thrown in doubt by a wreckless gunman.

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