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O’FALLON, IL (KTVI) – You Paid For It questions Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner about a staffer he hired for $250,000 to advise him on Education Policy.

The Governor has come under sharp criticism for the salaries he’s paying top staffers.

Many of his top people are making way more than former Governor Quinn paid people in similar jobs.

This comes as Rauner is railing against the salary paid to ordinary state workers.  He also ordered a freeze of state expenditures when he took office saying Illinois has to trim the fat.

Investigator Elliott Davis asks does it send the wrong signal for his staffers to be getting higher salaries than paid by Governor Quinn when he says the state is in big financial trouble.

The $250,000 salary is just one of the question marks.

Rauner is paying his Deputy Governor $198,000 a year. The same position under Quinn paid $150,000.

Rauner answers by say he has fewer staffers and a lower overall office budget and that he wants the best people for the job, and that means higher pay.  Still Elliott questioned him about the optics of paying so many higher-ups higher salaries when he’s asking the rest of the state for sacrifices.