Illinois senator questioned about bill to take money from rich school districts

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(KTVI) – The You Paid For It Team investigates a newly proposed Illinois legislation, Senate Bill 16 to redistribute education funds.

Under the bill making its way through the State Legislature, better off school districts would get less money, while struggling districts would get more.

Illinois State Senator Andy Manar-(D), of Bunker Hill says there will be losers under his bill but he thinks it’s a good way to make sure needy districts get what they need.

As for the school districts that would lose money, Senator Manar says they would have to figure out on their own how to make up the loss.

He suggests they may just have to raise property taxes.

Some parents are blasting the idea calling it unfair. They say it can have the effect of dragging down the quality of districts that are now doing well.

Investigator Elliott Davis questions Senator Manar about the Bill.


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