Illinois village charges $500 ‘release fee’ before towing company charges

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BROOKLYN, IL (KTVI) – The You Paid For It Team investigates the $500 tow release fees charged by the Village of Brooklyn Illinois. The mayor throws Elliott Davis a real curve ball, asking for his and his cameraman’s autograph in the middle of the exchange.

The village charges people the high fee after their vehicles after being towed. The person then has to go to the actual towing company and pay hundreds of dollars more to actually get the vehicle back.

We found a south St. Louis woman who parked in the wrong spot in Brooklyn. She had her car towed and ended up paying a total of $925 to get her vehicle back. That took up her whole check.

When Elliott questioned a feisty Mayor Vera Glasper-Banks she admitted the fee was excessive, but added folks were not getting the point about parking in the wrong place.

As Elliott was questioning her, she broke off the questioning and asked for Elliott’s and the cameraman’s autograph. Elliott continued trying to question the mayor while she continued asking for autographs.

Brooklyn made $150,000 off tow release fees in 2014 and $65,000 so far this year.

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