MADISON COUNTY, Ill. – A Madison County, Illinois resident did not receive the pandemic unemployment funds that she expected to get after she lost her job.

Kathy Illies worked in Missouri and in 2020 she lost her job because of the pandemic. Illies reached out to FOX 2 in April 2022 when she filed a suit against the Missouri Unemployment Office for the funds she never received.

She had appealed numerous times of her case, but she has now received $12,000 in pandemic unemployment funds from the State of Missouri.

She told FOX 2 Elliott Davis, that she never gave up.

“I’m happy, I’m very happy and content,” said Illies. “It was a struggle and I just became discouraged for a while, I felt like I hit bottom, but I didn’t give up fighting. I kept fighting and I fought up until the end.”

Illies said she made hundreds of calls to officials for help, but she said she has gotten nowhere.

FOX 2 contacted Illies’s Illinois State Representative, Katie Stuart to assist. Stuart’s office called the Missouri Unemployment Office.

Illies said she’s also thankful to one of the workers at the Kansas City branch of Missouri Unemployment who listened to her issue and agreed she was right.

Illies said she was grateful for the help from the state representative and FOX 2. 

“You took the interest to reach out to me to help me,” said Illies. “I know that the morning that I sent you the email I was just within a couple of hours that you had already contacted me.”