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PINE LAWN, MO (KTVI) – The You Paid For It Team investigates a big perk for a Mayor now under federal indictment accused of taking payoffs from a towing company.

We’ve learned Mayor Sylvester Caldwell has access to three city owned vehicles for his business and personal use.

In the past the Missouri State Auditor has criticized Pine Lawn over the issue of supplying the mayor with a car.

Months later a follow-up audit determined that nothing had changed.

We found the vehicles parked on the city hall parking lot.

Residents are outraged. A member of one citizens group that’s been trying to get rid of the Mayor Caldwell said “It’s arrogance and greed, and he capitalizes off the taxpayer’s money. It’s an issue of power and privilege”

I tried to question the Pine Lawn City Administrator. He didn’t want to answer questions”

Mayor Caldwell has told me he doesn’t want to talk to me on camera. The city pays the Mayor a $60,000 salary, on top of the cars he gets to use. Pine Lawn is a city of 3,200 people where 36 percent of them live below the poverty line.

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