ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Velda Village Hills officials have made an about-face following a report on a new parking plan that many of the residents hated.

Residents called our You Paid For It team after officials in the north St. Louis County town adopted the plan, which told residents they could only park on one side of the street every six months.

The plan would put a premium on parking spaces. Many residents would end up parking blocks from their homes, some of whom are senior citizens with health issues and disabilities.

Citizens had been trying to convince Mayor Patricia Ross and aldermen to scrap this deal, but to no avail. But after our broadcast, things changed quickly.

The signs telling resident they could only park on one side of the street were taken down.

For resident Armelia Jackson, it was something to smile about.

“I got to give hats off to you, I do, because other than that, all the calls that we made, I spoke to the mayor myself early on, but it seemed like we couldn’t resolve it. Clearing one side of the street was the only way to do it,” she said. “So, I had no other choice but to reach out to Elliott Davis and Channel 2 to kind of help us out, and, as you can see, we’re pleased with it.”

When officials came up with the plan, they claimed it would help emergency vehicles get down narrow streets. However, they say they’ve got other ideas to solve the problem that won’t be so inconvenient for residents.