ST. LOUIS – A north St. Louis homeowner is dealing with a water nightmare. There’s a broken water line in front of their home where the water is bubbling up.

At first, Rosemary Williamson was told the city tree was in the way of fixing the water line. The water is running down half the block. The St. Louis Water Department was supposed to fix the issue weeks ago, but a month has passed, and she’s still dealing with the mess.

“It’s a very, very big headache because I’ve been dealing with it for the whole month of January and the end of December,” Williamson said. “When I called, they said, ‘You’re on the waiting list.'”

She said it was a problem when she tried to use the water in her home.

“In the kitchen, I can’t use my sprayer, there’s no water for it,” Williamson said. “No pressure. The bathroom is running very, very slow. To take a bath, it might take me a good hour, if that. I’m scared to wash clothes because I’m going to damage my machine, my washer, and dryer because you can’t get water.”

She’s called the Water Department again and again. After she contacted FOX 2, we reached out to the mayor’s office and explained the issue.

A spokesperson from the mayor’s office released the following statement:

“After a thorough review, the water division workers determined that there were no obstructions to the water line and that the city could move forward with the process to have the water line repaired.”

The spokesperson said the city is accepting bids on the project and that contractors could do the work within the next week.