JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. – Jefferson County residents are upset about county officials’ plan to build a new apartment complex near Arnold.

The project will propose 150 unit apartment complex near the City of Arnold. The residents said the county has not improved the infrastructure to accommodate the new project. They said the roads are too narrow and the sewers are not adequate to handle more people.

The Jefferson County Planning and Zoning Division has not voted on the project and the first voting will be held on Thursday. The residents said they will be at the meeting to try to overcome the measure.

The City of Arnold also has some concerns about the project. The Arnold City Administrator Bryan Richison said Jefferson County didn’t notify the city about the project. He said the city officials have found fire code violations about the streets being narrow to adequately support fire trucks.

If the measure passes Jefferson County Planning and Zoning it would next go to the Jefferson County Council.

FOX 2 reached out to the Jefferson County Planning and Zoning but we have not received a response.