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JEFFERSON COUNTY– Jefferson County is struggling to increase the percentage of people vaccinated. Right now the county is below the state average as well as that of other large St. Louis area counties.

Vaccination rates for one dose:

  • Missouri- 42.8%
  • Jefferson County- 32.9%
  • St. Louis County- 47%
  • St. Louis City- 37.5%
  • St. Charles County- 45.5%

Jefferson County Health Department Director Kelley Vollmar told Elliott Davis they are planning an education campaign to reach more people, especially young people who have not gotten their shots yet. 

She says many folks need more convincing but there are some that have decided they just don’t want the vaccines for whatever reason. 

Vollmar did say there’s a bright spot. The COVID positivity rate is down to 2.5 percent. It was once at a high of 27 percent. 

As for vaccinations, Vollmar said she’d like to get 70 percent of the residents vaccinated. She tells Elliott she knows it’s tough calling the effort “a marathon not a sprint.”