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MADISON COUNTY, Ill. — The Madison County Board held a preliminary vote Friday to bar governmental agencies or private employers from forcing workers to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Sponsors of the measure said mandatory mandates take away workers’ rights to decide what they want in regards to their health.

The Health Committee of the Madison County Board met to consider the resolution and passed it. Citizens got to speak and voice their opinion.

Like much of the St. Louis region, Madison County has reported increased COVID cases and a spike in transmissions.

Right now, 1,200 people per 100,000 are testing positive for COVID. Back in July of last year, that number was down to about 96 cases. The positivity rate last July was around 8.8%. The Health Department Director said now that could be as high as 30%.

The Madison County Board Chairman is advising more COVID patients to get the monoclonal treatment that helps the body fight the virus. He said not enough people are making use of the treatment.

The anti-vaccine mandate resolution still faces a final vote in about a week and a half.