PONTOON BEACH, Ill. – A Pontoon Beach, Illinois woman says Missouri owes her approximately $15,000 in unemployment pandemic funds. Thus far, she’s had nothing but trouble trying to get that money.

Kathleen Illies says unemployment officials rejected her claims. She lost a challenge and is taking her case to the Missouri Court of Appeals.

After a previous You Paid For It report, the office of Illinois State Representative Katie Stuart stepped forward to help. Her office reached out to the Missouri Department of Labor, which oversees unemployment. Stuart put Illies in touch with Congresswoman Cori Bush.

While nothing concrete has happened yet in the form of a victory, Illies says she feels more hopeful than ever that something will come through for her.

Meanwhile, State Rep. Stuart says her office receives a lot of calls for help from constituents dealing with unemployment claims. Her office tries to help whenever it can.