MADISON COUNTY, Ill. — A Madison County, Illinois woman is suing the Missouri Unemployment Office over pandemic unemployment funds she claims she never received.

Kathleen Illies, of Pontoon Beach, said she worked in the St. Louis area and lost her job during the COVID-19 pandemic. She said she’s owed about $15,000 but was turned down for the money.

Illies said she was told last minute that she could appeal. When did that, an appeals board told her that she applied too late.

“I went as far as I could with the Labor Commissions Board, and the next step was to go to the Missouri Court of Appeals,” she told FOX 2’s Elliott Davis. “I’m very disturbed because I feel that I lost my job because of the pandemic, not because that’s what I wanted to happen.”

“I’ve been fighting going on 15 months, and I think I deserve what the president gave to all of us that suffered from the pandemic,” she added.

Illies said although she’s filed the initial paperwork for the Missouri Court of Appeals, she doesn’t have enough money for an attorney to fight the case. So she doesn’t know how far she can push this case.