TROY, Mo. — It’s a move that’s raising eyebrows. The mayor of Troy, Missouribroke a 3 to 3 tie vote the day before election day to raise the mayor’s pay from $12,000 to $32,000 a year. The raise took effect after the election.

“The optics weren’t good,” said Troy Mayor Ron Sconce. “I get that sometimes we make decisions that are very, very difficult. It may not be in our own best interest, but I felt like I would be in the interest of the city for whoever might sit in that seat.”

The mayor was the only one being considered for a raise. The vote was taken on April 4. Most voters likely didn’t know what had happened before they went to the polls.

But at least one citizen did. April Bryant called the You Paid For It Team to shine a light on this deal.

“I think the circumstances surrounding the raise and the vote are highly unethical,” said Bryant. “Because the Aldermen have to abstain from a vote that they have a vested interest in, the mayor should do the same.”

The mayor said he’s going to fill the role of the city manager, as well as mayor. So, he believes the raise is justified.

When asked if it was a conflict of interest, the mayor said he doesn’t think so. Sconce said some on the board wanted him to have a bigger raise, but that didn’t fly.