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ST. CLAIR COUNTY, IL (KTVI) – Fox 2’s You Paid For It Team turned its eyes toward the millions of your tax dollars being spent on vacant and near vacant airports, like MidAmerica Airport in St Clair County. It’s an investigation that took us to Gary, Indiana to also look at the plight of Gary/Chicago International Airport.

Business at the $308 million MidAmerica Airport has struggled since it was built in 1997. At present, only one airline uses the airport for flights to Las Vegas and Florida. Our investigation found that airline only provided MidAmerica $150,000 in director revenue. According to a county audit, the airport has lost $12 million.

MidAmerica Airport Director Tim Cantwell said he’s confident the airport is getting off the ground.

Meanwhile, the mayor and airport director in Gary, Indiana first agreed to talk with our investigative team but then backed out. We later received an email from the airport director’s spokesman asking if the story would be a “You Paid For It” feature.

The Fox 2 News investigation showed citizens growing frustrated with all the money for vacant and near vacant airports and little to show for the spending.

Critics said there’s no relief on the horizon, only a sky full of red ink.

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