FESTUS, Mo. — A Festus man said the state of Missouri sent thousands of dollars worth of checks to his deceased wife even after he informed officials that his wife passed away.

Tom Kaufmann contacted FOX 2’s You Paid For It team when he received a bundle of checks in the mail from MO HealthNet. All of them were made out to his wife, Carrie. It’s all the more strange because he had told the state weeks earlier that his wife had passed away.

The state even sent him a letter acknowledging the passing of his wife, but a week later, Missouri sent about 36 check checks anyway. Each of them amounted to $128.

Since the checks were only in Carrie’s name, Kaufmann couldn’t cash them. He’s hoping the state will reissue the refunds so that he can cash them.

“I can’t do anything with them,” Kaufmann said. “They’re in her name alone. I can’t even deposit them in a joint account because I can’t forge her name on those checks. And I got them 11 days after she had passed away.”

“I could use this money, sir. I had my wife cremated,” he continued. “I would like to inter her in a funeral home with a marker, and that would help me greatly with it.”

FOX 2 reached out to the Missouri Department of Social Services, which runs MO HealthNet. The agency had promised to investigate the issue but Kaufmann is still waiting for answers.

“Elliott, I have no idea what’s going on with this,” said Kaufmann. “That’s why I called you because the people I’ve spoken with and MO HealthNet are of no help.”