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JEFFERSON CITY, MO (KTVI) – Questionable use of Missouri electronic welfare cards revealed in a state audit.

The report says hundreds of thousands of dollars that were supposed to be spent here may instead have been spent in areas far from Missouri by people who had moved out of the state.

Missouri just gets so much in Welfare dollars to help families here raise their families.

The Audit discovered cases of people out of the state for nearly a year making daily charges on their Missouri issued cards.

Some of the purchases were in, in Texas, California and the Virgin Islands.

The auditor points a finger at the Missouri Department of Social Services that was supposed to be making sure your money was being spent here. DSS didn’t know about a lot of the questionable purchases discovered when the State Auditor did a random sampling of Welfare transactions.

You Paid For It caught up with the Acting Director of DSS to explain how so many questionable cases sailed under the radar for so long.

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