ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – FOX 2 recently spotlighted the Missouri Department of Transportation’s fight with hundreds of St. Charles County businesses and citizens who were trying to block an item in a $62 million road project.

Part of the plan in the Interstate 70 development from Cave Springs to Fairgrounds Road called for changing their current two-way outer road to a one-way road.

Citizens feared that would hurt businesses by making it harder to get there. Residents complained they’d have longer commutes to and from their homes.

The MoDOT commission decided on a plan that gives residents what they wanted. The agency selected a bid from a construction company that will keep the two-way outer road.

“The one-way roads would have been devastating to the businesses in this community and it really would have had a negative impact on all the residents,” said Megan Crockett, who first contacted our You Paid For It team in Dec. 2020. “It was such a relief that the entire community’s hard work and effort all paid off.”

MoDOT was flooded with comments and they decided to pause the project to conduct another review.

“It’s important that it was responsive to the voices, all the voices that we heard from residents, business owners, elected officials, there were so many voices that we heard,” said Tom Blair, MoDOT’s St. Louis District Engineer.

“That resulted in us redefining our goals. The goals of this project quickly changed because of connectivity safety and efficiency. We’ve never done that before. We’ve never paused a project before. We’ve never redefined the goals based on thousands of comments we got throughout the St Charles area. Those were very important voices to be heard.”