ST. LOUIS – A mother of four is living in horrendous conditions in an apartment subsidized by the St. Louis City Housing Authority. This unit is so bad the city condemned it, but the mother is still there because she has nowhere else to go with her children. Aigner Jesse made the desperate call to our You Paid For It team for help.

The ceiling of Jesse’s home collapsed during a storm. You can see clear through to the roof. She says it collapsed between two and three months ago.

“I was calling before it escalated to that, but they told me they would come out and see. They postponed it for a whole week. July 24, it collapsed, and they told me there was nothing they could do about it,” she said.

Jesse says the ceiling on a lower floor is also ready to cave in. The Housing Authority can’t do much, she says.

“They told me there’s nothing they can do besides give me my voucher,” she said. “It may take up to 60 days, so that means that’s another two months of me and my kids sitting here.”

To make matters worse, the city has already condemned the building.

FOX 2 contacted Alana Green, head of the St. Louis City Housing Authority. Green called Aigner on Sunday to let her know the wheels were finally turning. She also informed Aigner they would expedite the approval process for new accommodations, and the entire process should be completed in two weeks or less.