Mother of 6 moves into new home after dealing with bug infestation for months

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ST. LOUIS — A St. Louis mother of six, who lived with a horrible bug infestation, recently moved into her new home.

Several agencies, including the Housing Authority, knew that Latoya Dixon and her kids were living in the infested home on Missouri Avenue in south St. Louis. It wasn’t until FOX 2’s You Paid For It shined the light on the situation that the wheels of progress started turning.

Her family now has a new home on California Avenue in south St. Louis and new furnishings to boot.

FOX 2’s You Paid For It Team spotlighted the bug infestation at her previous residence on Missouri Avenue. Colonies of insects had taken over the walls and the floor, making the apartment unsafe and unhealthy. The St. Louis Housing Authority shelled out $1,200 a month for her to live in the unhealthy house.

After an investigation, where FOX 2’s Elliott Davis took her plight all the way to HUD in Washington, she was moved to a new unit she had previously been told she couldn’t have. Now, she’s moved in.

Because of the infestation, she couldn’t bring her furniture or clothes into the new place. The Society of St. Vincent De Paul stepped forward and provided her with all the beds and other furniture that she needed for her and her kids.

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