TROY, Mo. — Ron Sconce, the mayor of Troy, Missouri, is facing new troubles over his recent pay raise.

One citizen pointed out a Missouri Ethics Commission ruling that’s drawing new questions about the pay hike, which the mayor voted on. His pay increased from $12,000 to $32,000.

The mayor cast a vote that broke a 3-3 tie on the Board of Aldermen for the pay hike. The vote was held on April 4, the evening before the election.

According to section 79.120 from the Missouri State Statute, “The mayor shall have a seat in and preside over the board of aldermen, but shall not vote on any question except in case of a tie, nor shall he preside or vote in cases when he is an interested party.”

During an interview with FOX 2’s Elliott Davis last week, Sconce said: “Sometimes we make decisions that are very, very difficult. It may not be in our own best interest, but I felt like I would be in the interest of the city for whoever might sit in that seat.”

The Mayor said he was getting the raise because he’s filling the role of mayor and city administrator.

“I made the statement to them that in the absence of a city administrator that if they were going to hire one, do not raise the salary of the mayor. But if you don’t, then whoever sits in this seat after this election, not knowing who that might be, deserves to be compensated for the time it takes to do the duties,” Sconce told the Board of Aldermen before the vote in April.

In a letter dated September 8, the Missouri Ethics Commission had this to say about a mayor doing both jobs: “Accordingly the statutes prohibit the mayor from retaining his elected position and assuming the position of and or duties of city administrator for any consideration.”

April Bryant, a resident who FOX 2’s You Paid For It team interviewed last week, said she plans to file an ethics complaint against the mayor and contact the state’s attorney general.

Darrell Huffman has his own action plan.

“I’m going to the next board meeting,” Huffman said. “I’m going to ask that they rescind that raise based on the improprieties. Looks like it’s something been done wrong.”