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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — North St. Louis County mayors and other community leaders are calling for Normandy School Board president William Humphrey to step down.

Normandy is just provisionally accredited. It’s academically one of the worse performing school districts in Missouri.

The leaders have been pressuring Normandy Superintendent Marcus Robinson to leave for more than a year. This week, Robinson announced he’s resigning in June.

The superintendent drew backlash because he’s being paid a $200,000 salary but doesn’t have all the credentials for the job.

Now, the leaders are turning their sights on the board president. Ironically, these same north county leaders asked the state to put Humphrey on the school board. They thought he would move quickly to oust the superintendent.

They said instead, he sided with the superintendent, and that drew the ire of the north county leaders and has now resulted in calls for him to step down.

When Asked about that Rev Darryl Gray said: “They thought that he would do a good job. I think once people show that they’re not able or not willing to do the job that the people sent them to do, I think that they need to remove themselves, or the community has a responsibility to remove them.”

Mayor James McGee led the initial charge to get rid of the superintendent and now aiming at board president Humphrey.

“The superintendent is stepping down, so we’re asking him to step down so we can start off with new leadership. With that new leadership, we think they can work with our community,” McGee said.

Right now, the state of Missouri appoints members of the school board, something they’ve done since the school district lost accreditation about eight months ago. Starting in April, the state will start the process of returning the school district to an elected school board.