Progress made on Madison County Railroad crossing fix

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MADISON COUNTY, Ill. – Traffic at Madison County Railroad crossing had been blocked for more than a year. Residents called You Paid For It for help.

Angry frustrated residents just had no idea when two Madison County cities, Madison and Venice, would fix a railroad crossing where the street had collapsed. Trains were moving through the crossing. 

The vehicles could not cross it because part of the street had caved in. Fox 2’s Elliott Davis finally caught up with the mayor of Madison, John Hamm. 

Even he was surprised by how long this problem has lasted. He said the trouble started when a company putting in fiber optics damaged a sewer line.

Ultimately, the street caved. The mayor says part of the problem was getting permission from the railroad to close to the tracks to repair the crossing.

Davis talked to the representative from the railroad. He said the delay wasn’t the railroad’s fault, but rather the company that damaged the sewer was to blame.

He denied that the railroad was delaying fixing the problem.

The mayor said he hoped that the involvement of You Paid For It would speed things up. When Davis went back and talked to the mayor weeks later, there was indeed progress. 

Madison has gotten the sewer repaired on its side, and Fox 2 was told that Venice had gone out for bid to get the street collapse fixed on its side of the crossing. 

The Madison mayor is hopeful that the crossing that links the two cities can be done in a matter of months.   

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