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(KTVI) – A dramatic development over a huge pay hike proposal for a St. Louis city official that You Paid For It investigator Elliott Davis has been tracking this story and has the details.

In a big victory for tax-payers the bill that would have given St. Louis License Collector Mavis Thompson a 56 percent pay hike has now been withdrawn.

We told you yesterday how Thompson’s pay would have gone from $80,000 a year to $125,000, a stunning 56 percent pay hike.

The legislation to give her the hefty raise was introduced by Missouri State Representative Penny Hubbard of St. Louis.

Following the public uproar, Hubbard apparently had second thoughts.

A called to Hubbard’s office Tuesday confirmed that the bill to give Mavis Thompson the hefty raise has been withdrawn and there are no plans right now to reintroduce it.

Our You Paid For It investigation last night questioned the need for the license collector’s office that issues business licenses and collects certain business taxes.

We learned eliminating it and consolidating those functions with the city’s revenue department could save taxpayers up to a million dollars a year.

We did reached out to License Collector Mavis Thompson for comment about the pay raise bill.

Her spokesman sent me a statement saying, “In light of the withdrawal of house bill 2469, the subject matter of your inquiry is moot.”