Residents along Goodfellow Blvd. complain of speeding drivers

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ST. LOUIS – Residents living along Goodfellow Boulevard are complaining about the dangerous speeding in their neighborhood.

They say speeding cars are crashing into homes and the recklessness makes it dangerous to cross Goodfellow, with some drivers speeding along at 50 and 60 miles an hour down the residential street.

FOX 2 spoke with Alderwoman Pam Boyd who says she, along with concerned citizens, have been grappling with this a long time.

Boyd says citizens came to her when some had their homes condemned when cars ran into them. The city has put in pots to narrow Goodfellow and taken other traffic mitigation measures but the speeding continues.

The alderwoman says she’s working with a residents group to tackle the problem that has plagued this area for decades.

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