ST. LOUIS – Residents in a north St. Louis neighborhood contacted FOX 2 seeking help in dealing with dumping in the wake of recent storms. They claimed the St. Louis Forestry Division had been slow to remove downed trees and other storm damage.

Amber Cole was fed up last week when she called for help. But now, she says things got moving after FOX 2 contacted the city forestry commissioner.

“Well, since you came out, they started working,” she said. “Even the day that you were coming out, you must have called them and asked what are you all doing! “

Cole says a small army of forestry workers showed up and fanned out across the neighborhood, picking up debris that had been dumped in the alley and elsewhere. They even cut down and hauled away vegetation that had been growing on abandoned houses for years.

“It’s a start,” Cole said. “And I will call you if within two weeks if this stuff is not up. I will be calling you again, because the promise was that we didn’t finish it, but we will be back to complete it.”

Cole was grateful for the forestry work crews who showed up on Sunday.

“I got to say, a lot to the team that came out here, the guys and the supervisor that came out here, and they worked hard. We truly, truly appreciate it,” she said.